Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Light doesn't have a speed

A man theorized that light didn't have a speed. He theorized that light either has infinite speeds or no speed at all. Why he came up with the theory was that he observed things in the world today and how that they are seen instantly. He assumed that people saying that light had a speed were only theorizing as well. He based this assumption on the stars that are billions of lightyears away. Since he believed in the Creation of the Bible, he refused to believe that light actually does have a speed. Many Creationists say that after the fall God cursed the light also. No evidence,however, appears in the Bible, that supports this assumption.
Evolution for one thing, though, goes against the laws of physics. (evolution goes from disorder to order instead of order to disorder) Evolution is merely science fiction. There is no point arguing with an evolutionist, though, because "you can lead him to evidence, but you can't make him think". The only reason that evolutionists believe in evolution is because they don't like the "God" factor of Creation. but what if there is a God? Evolutionists will surely not get to Heaven. Evolutionists might argue, "If I don't believe in a God, he can't do anything to me." Well, if you don't believe in gravity, it still has an effect on you. The only thing is that there are stars billions of light years away, but what about Einstein's theory of relativity? & there is plenty of evidence for a young Earth. Light does have a speed, but is there a God?